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A multi-party Memorandum of Understanding was finalized on January 26, 2021 with the signatures of the Mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci, the new Rettore of University of Genoa Federico Delfino, and Pablo Ortiz, Vice President for Regional and World Locations for FIU.

From the document:

"FIU initiates this tripartite MOU to acknowledge its  special relationship with the Municipal Government of Genoa and UniGe.  By means of this MOU, the Parties hereby officially document the desire to expand upon previous—and initiate new—collaborations. These collaborations would  present mutually beneficial opportunities focused on student success, academic growth, professional and career advancement and economic development."

15 Years of Building Relationships...

piazza ferrari night view
Piazza De Ferrari (Tiffany Reyes, FIU-Genoa 2012)
As a component of FIU’s Global Initiative to internationalize, the challenge for the well-established program in Genoa (15 years in operation with over 500 FIU students participating) is to develop a new level of opportunity for FIU students and faculty across disciplines, departments and colleges by furthering our strong relationships with local institutions in academia, culture, industry and government. In cooperation with our Italian partners the program is expanding its scope to become a nexus of student and faculty interaction in Italy and beyond that advances FIU’s international profile through mutually beneficial engagement with diverse local communities.

...and interacting with students of UniGe and from other countries....

coastal design workshop with italian and erasmus students 2019
FIU Architecture and Landscape Architecture students at conclusion of workshop with University of Genoa students, Erasmus students from France, Spain, Romania, and Bulgaria, as well as students from Canada and Madagascar.

City of Genoa

genoa city seal

the Municipal Government of Genoa, the Regional Government of Liguria, the Genoa Chamber of Commerce and the Port Authority of Genoa are jointly involved to attract new partners in the following sectors:

  • Port Logistics & Shipping
  • Transportation & Mobility
  • High Technology
  • Tourism & Culture
  • Blue Economy
  • Silver Economy
statistics on genoa port, industry, tourism

NEWS: what we are doing right now....


Collaborative Online International Learning

Stephanie Doscher, Ed.D. and Director of Florida International University’s Office of Global Learning Initiatives, is currently arranging COIL activities with UniGe faculty and students. The first step will be COIL projects between FIU and Unige Engineering departments, but will also include 'dissimilar' or complementary pairings between other disciplines. These COIL activities are useful in the present context of limited mobility, but are also relevant now and in the future to promote international interaction, leading to more developed collaborative projects.

Below Doscher directs a 7 May 2021 meeting to discuss COIL projects for fall 2021 in Wind Engineering, Data Visualization, and Coastal Design and Sea Level Rise.

COIL stephanie doscher - unige
COIL meeting 7 May 2021: Wind Engineering: Maria Pia Repetto, Massimiliano Burlando (UniGe), Amal Elawady, Ioanis Zisis (FIU); Data Visualization: Carlo Battini (UniGe), Laura Kurtzberg (FIU); Coastal Design and Sea Level Rise: Michael Sukop, Jayantha Obeysekera (not shown) (FIU), Matthew Rice (FIU Genoa)

Collaborative Research

FIU and UniGe are strengthening their cooperative relationship by developing collaborative research opportunities between their respective Schools of Engineering.  We are looking for strong research collaboration possibilities which have a high likelihood of 'success', meaning, in the short-term, realizable research projects with multiple potential sources of funding (US/EU), and in the longer-term, impactful research that contributes to the body of knowledge in the field (publications in peer-reviewed journals), technology transfer opportunities, benefit to society, and raising the partners' international profile.

  • Energy and power transmission (4 June 2020)
  • Wind engineering and extreme events (18 June 2020)
  • Neurosciences (25 June 2020)
  • Biomedical 26 (June 2020)
  • Robotics (8 July 2020)
  • Machine learning (9 July 2020)
  • Artificial intelligence (10 July 2020)
  • Bridge design (23 July 2020)
fiu-unige neuroscience zoom meeting