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627 FIU students have participated in study abroad programs in Genoa (as of June 2023)

  • 351 FIU students in semester-length programs
  • 276 FIU students in half-semester or summer programs

FIU has conducted a number of Study Abroad programs in Genoa since 2005, with both full semester and short summer programs. Semester-length programs have been in the academic areas of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Art History, and European Studies. Summer programs have been in the areas of Hospitality & Tourism and the Social Sciences. FIU Interior Architecture has conducted both short semester and summer programs, along with reciprocal workshops with UniGe.

FIU Global is developing new opportunities in Genoa and Italy for students and faculty

  • study abroad
  • collaborative online international learning - COIL
  • reciprocal exchange
  • collaborative research
  • dual degrees
  • internships

Undergraduate Program in Genoa Spring Semester 2023 

An opportunity offered by FIU Global and the Office of Education Abroad (OEA) for sophomore students who decide to spend a semester abroad in Genoa, Italy. Take UCC courses (in English) with local Italian faculty at the FIU facilities in the convent of S. Maria di Castello, and live in apartments in the historic city within walking distance to everything.




•   15-CREDIT SEMESTER (staying on path to graduate)

               3 UCC COURSES

               2 ONLINE FIU COURSES (student’s choice)

The spring 2023 students in Portofino


The three UCC courses were taught by Italians with PhDs, were FIU-credentialed and engaged as assistant teaching professors. They have deep knowledge of the place with contacts in the local context which will increase the quality of the academic and cultural experience for the FIU students.

Margherita Orsero, PhD - Assistant Teaching Professor for Art History Survey II (ARH 2051)

Leonardo Scavino, PhD - Assistant Teaching Professor for Western Civilization in the Modern Era (EUH 2030)


Edoardo Corradi, PhD - Assistant Teaching Professor for 'Contemporary International Problems' (INR 3081)

Social Sciences & Humanities

Summer 2022 program: Food, Economy and Society on the Italian Riviera

14 May - 18 June, 2022

Italy is famous for many things, but in particular, it is famed for the quality and diversity of its food. This program offers students the opportunity to explore first-hand what makes it special. Site visits along the Riviera coast to producers of cheeses, sausage, olive oil, wine, and basil (the key ingredient in Genoa’s famed pesto sauce); explorations of museums and collections; and classes in history and language from Italian professors in FIU’s Genoa center (housed in a 1,000 year-old convent) all generate fundamental insights into Italian history, economy, society and culture. Students explore scenic towns such as Cinque Terre, Camogli, and Portofino, swim at beautiful Ligurian beaches, and hike on mountain trails a short distance from the city. Accommodation is arranged in modern apartments located in or near Genoa’s sprawling medieval quarter, affording a daily encounter with a way of life that goes back many centuries.

Though open to all students, the program is aimed at social science and history majors, and should be of interest to art history students as well.

Office of Education Abroad program information

Student Participant Information


Mariana Yordan, Senior - Interdisciplinary Studies (minor in Nutrition)

Ashley Hernandez, Junior - Global Studies

Heather Ferguson, Junior - Global Studies

Vittorio Parravano, Senior - Digital Communications (minor in Sociology/Anthropology)

Images from Summer 2019

kincaid teaching in olive grove
Prof. Kincaid teaching in an olive grove
magnone olive facility
Students in Frantoio Fratelli Magnone (artisanal olive oil production) in Finale Ligure
prunotto vineyard
Wine-tasting at the Prunotto vineyard in the Piedmont wine region
Bra University of Gastronomic Sciences
Tour of University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, near Bra, center of the Slow Food movement

Past Social Science Programs

social sciences cinecitta
FIU Social Sciences 2019 students with Prof. Douglas Kincaid at Cinecitta' (Italy's Hollywood) in Rome

Various components of the Social Sciences, Humanities and European Studies have conducted programs in Genoa. The Social Sciences’ summer program focuses on the social and economic transformation of Italy in the postwar period, encouraging comparisons to US conditions, historical and current. This program has classes taught by FIU and UniGe faculty, field trips in Genoa and Liguria, as well as a travel component to look at significant sites in the automobile industry (Turin), film-making (Rome) and fashion (Milan).

social sciences maserati
FIU Prof. Douglas Kincaid and UniGe Prof. Nando Fasce with the students on a guided tour of the FIAT-Maserati factory in Turin to see new levels of automation.
social sciences 19 armani
Kincaid and Fasce visiting sites and private showrooms in Milan to study the Italian fashion industry.

Hospitality & Tourism

hospitality 2019 florence
FIU Hospitality summer 2019 with Prof. Diann Newman and students in Florence

FIU’s Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management has a regular summer program in Genoa and Italy. The focus is on experiencing Italian culture (place, customs, service, food, wine) to complement their US education. The students explore Genoa and the region of Liguria (with Portofino and the Cinque Terre), as well as visiting Florence and Tuscany, Milan and Lombardy, and the Langhe and Roero wine districts in the Piedmont region.

The next level of program development will include the exploration of internship opportunities in Italy in hospitality and event management sectors.

hospitality 2019 pisa
Hospitality 2019 in Pisa
hospitality 2017 hike
Hospitality 2017 students on hike in the hills above Genoa, Forte Diamante in background

Cruise Ship & Super Yacht Interior Design

cssy la spezia
CSSY event with UniGe Rettore Comanducci
FIU Interior Architecture and UniGe Nautical Design have collaborated since 2009 with reciprocal workshops in Miami and La Spezia. Together they have founded the Cruise Ship and Super Yacht program (CSSY) with strong ties to the nautical and cruise industries in Miami and Italy. Annual workshops include visits to major international boat shows, design offices and shipyards in the US, Italy and Europe.
cssy miami 2020
CSSY 2020 at Miami Yacht Show, with Profs. Massimo Musio-Sale (UniGe) and Darci Pappano (FIU)
CSSY 2014
CSSY 2014 visiting shipyard with Prof. Massimo Musio-Sale

Architecture & Landscape Architecture

architecture 2016 workshop
2016 joint workshop with UniGe students, Profs. Carmen Andriani (UniGe), Eric Peterson and Matthew  Rice participating
CARTA’s Department of Architecture has been active in Genoa since 2005 with semester-length programs, with a focus on developing a critical perspective on place and architectural design through the study of the European city as well as classic historic, modern, and contemporary architectural works in Italy and neighboring countries. Strong features of the program have been interaction with the UniGe Department of Architecture with guest speakers and critics, collaborative workshops with Italian and Erasmus students,  and engaging with the local professional architectural community, including the Renzo Piano Building Workshop.
arch 2012 brion cemetery
FIU Architecture 2012 group at the Brion Cemetery by Carlo Scarpa
arch 2014 lyon confluence
FIU Architecture 2014 at the center for the urban transformation of the Confluence area of Lyon, France